JAW's Miscellaneous Anecdotes and Other Interesting Stuff

Welcome to a whole bunch of pages about projects and hobbies undertaken by JAW. You'll find technical details, some guidance and a bit of humour. Surf around, have a look, let me know what you think.

Installing floorboards 150Y Datto Brakes 150Y Datto Wheels XR600 motorbike gearbox XR600 piston fitting 150Y Datto Alternator 150Y Datto at the drags Burnoff in Pemberton 500KW powered air blower Maton EM225C electric acoustic guitar Gear selector Monaro V8 Pulling apart a microwave oven Blasting at a goldmine TE Cortina Karri trees in Pemberton
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While all care is taken, JAW is not responsible for the use of any incorrect or misleading information sourced from these pages. All material disclosed herein is expressely JAW's opinion and must not be assumed as correct or even sensible. End disclaimer ;)

Original by JAW (aka Jason Waddell) May 1997 on cygnus.uwa.edu.au. Site relocated to jaw.iinet.net.au July 2002 and then to jaws.tips February 2016.