JAW's 150Y: Alternator worries? no problem.

I burnt out a regulator on the standard 120Y alternator (which was bolted up to the A15 by now). I 'aquired' another regulator. Didn't think too had, just bolted it up and connected it in and guess what, it burnt out too.

I've always disliked Lucas alternators - had a troublesome one in my old cortina. I went down to low cost parts in bayswater, with alternator in hand.

"Bring me out some Bosch internal regulator alternators"

After checking out bluebird, 180B, other 120Y and 200B alternators, I can tell you this. It would seem all nissan/datsun cars had either lucas or bosch, either internal or external regulators. They all mount up almost exactly the same - so really just take your pick.

I grabbed in the end for $45 a 200B bosch internal reg 40A job. Exactly the same mount up points as a 120Y one. The alternator pulley is a bit bigger - heh, that just means it sucks less power out of the engine hey ;)

I did actually use the 200B upper alternator bracket to mount it, it was a neater fit.

zero problems with the alternator since. Good on ya Bosch, you make some good gear. 2 thumbs up.


Original JAW, 17 Feb 1999