XB Falcon

This is an old 73 XB Falcon 302C me and me old mate John picked up for AUD$100 in 1991. It was never licenced, but we had a good 'ole time playing with it, eventually getting back about $300 for a few bits and pieces. Not before driving it with no front end and exhaust straight out of the headers that is ;)

It sure made all the right noises, I think the neighbours at the time must have hated me. Straight out of the headers they must have thought I was building a drag car. Interestingly it came with a shiny new 350 Holley on top which I kept and later bolted up to the Torana, and then later sold with manifold to a guy who had a 202 in an old landcruiser. Interesting.

302 XB Falcon.

The carcass found its way back to nature at the Tamala park refuse site, a couple of km's down the road from where I live. Just before pulling the motor down, knowing that I would never use any part of it again, I flat footed it in neutral, just to see what would happen. I couldn't put a brick on the accelerator (I have too much mechanical sympathy) but one lifter did pop out of the head after 15 seconds of >6,000rpm. That was enough for me, I didn't need to see the final death throws of a noble old V8.

"Last of the V8's!"