JAW's BF Falcon: Wheel Bearing Groanings

When you start to hear a speed related groan from your front end, it could be a wheel bearing. The groan sounds something like the following, and braking doesn't really seem to affect the sound, but low sweeping corners at speed will make it go quieter.

Groaning front wheel bearing:
1. New wheel bearing
2. Dust cover
3. Brake caliper removed
4. Top caliper bolt
5. Wire to hold caliper out of the way
6. Old wheel bearing
7. 36mm socket
8. 15mm spanner for caliper
9. Breaker bar steel tube

There are some good youtube videos about changing your BF Falcon front wheel bearings so I don't need to repeat much here. The bearing comes as an assembly ready to slip onto the old-school stub axle complete with the studs that the wheel bolts up to. So you can pay a lot for these - or - order them online from an auto wholesaler to save some cash. The good thing about bearings is that you can continue driving for weeks or even months, so you have time for delivery.

You need a 36mm socket, which the average punter won't have in his kit. You may need a bearing puller, if the bearing assembly has rusted to your stub axle it won't come off easily. I ordered a puller, they are cheap, but I didn't end up needing it. My shopping list was ($AUD2024)75 for two bearings, 20 for the socket and 12 for a puller.

The process:

It was pretty obvious that mine was the passenger side, I could have done the drivers side while I was there, but I decided not to - I now have a spare bearing in case this new one fails prematurely, or if the drivers side one goes as well. Mine was groaning for around 2 months, so you don't have to rush to this job.

Good luck out there!