JAW's BF Falcon: New Stereo

Putting a new stereo in a BA/BF Falcon is expensive and tedious. Let me tell you why.

So Ford, in BA/BF Falcons, and the same era Territories, integrated a bunch of stuff into the stereo (I believe the term these days is "Head Unit" but I'm going to call it a stereo). The fan, aircon control, heater, radio - are all built into the LCD display on the centre console. Look it's a nice console, quite well done, but it is showing its age. No bluetooth. No maps. No reverse camera. There is an AUX socket which you can wire in yourself, I did quite a while ago, and then you can plug your phone with a 3.5mm jack to at least play music. But these even phones don't come with 3.5mm jacks!

Look, it's a nice design, but it is too out of date.

And it's not just the climate control, the security brains are behind there too, all wired in. So if you were thinking you could pop out the old stereo and jury-rig a double din stereo in there, you can't. But wait! A company called Aerpro a few years ago made a complete replacement console facia that allows you to mount a double din stereo in, with all the cabling and stuff you need. It ain't cheap, I managed to get one on special for (AUD2023)$460.

Then you buy the stereo itself - you can pay a lot for a Pioneer, Clarion, Kenwood...or you can get something with twice the power for half the price from China. I took a punt and grabbed a Joying Android 7" Double Din. I knew that the Aerpro came with standard cables and that you could buy additional cables for specific models of stereo, but not for no-name Chinese brands. I would see how it went when it arrived.

So for just under $1000 and all of it in my hands, I began.

Look, the instructions (Model FP970) were great, and I'm not the first person to do this, there are videos on youtube and articles about it, so I'm just going to give a few notes about the difficulties I had.

So there you go! A least a day of effort, mostly because I didn't know what I was doing, and it's (AUD2023)$1000 worth of parts. So while I'm not sure if this is an important upgrade for a 17 year old car, it sure is nice to have my podcasts at my fingertips WITHOUT touching my mobile phone! The Joying is a good unit, pretty powerful, it will do Android Auto/Apple Carplay but I think it is some sort of hack version, I prefer to use it "as a tablet".

One other feature I wasn't expecting - the amp in it is great. I didn't change the car speakers, but wow they sound heaps better through the new stereo!