JAW's Laser

It's funny...the most reliable car I ever had, the car I owned for the longest time and the least I have to say about. A little front wheel drive 1.6L carby induced hatchback, no frills, but for the 150,000kms the wifey and I did in it there was almost nothing that ever went wrong with it.

Sure, towards the end the carpet was getting a bit ratty, the paint had faded and it didn't have the same get up and go it originally had, but it still got the wifey around town - with new bubs on board - reliably.

Over the years I can almost count on one hand what I'd done to it. A new set of CV joints on front, I replaced the rear brake slave cylinders, about 3 sets of tyres and about 4 batteries (it seemed to like to eat batteries, never did work out why.) I changed the oil once every 8-12 months, and changed the coolant once every 2-3 years, and the brake fluid twice. I think I topped up the auto trans with fluid once. I think I greased some ball joints once too. But that was it, for the 10 years we owned it.

Finally, in 2004, I decided we needed to upgrade. A young student with her dad took one look at it, went out on a test drive, and immediately pressed some $ into my hand and off it went. The wifey said "you should have kept the laser and got rid of the Hilux" - but nah, really, the Laser was just too boring! ;)

Bought in 1994 and even tens years later in 2004, just before selling, it is still quite presentable.

It won't blow your hair back, but the motor is a solid little east-west mounted 4 valve/cylinder 1600cc motor. The next model (KH Laser) switched from carburetter induction to all fuel injection.