JAW's 150Y: Wrecked - it's all over

I guess that's what happens, huh, when you give a car to your younger brother. It must not be until your early twenties that you cease to smack up cars into things. Heh, I once wrote off a 120Y in my old Cortina...

The photo may not look too bad but the game over call comes from the other side of the car - where the rear structural pillars are distorted, how the passenger door is stuck closed... If she was a new and nice car you'd beat her back into shape. But she's not, and that's that.

Fortunately most of the important bits are still okay, even the radiator is intact. Sadly one rim got "chunked" - see photo.

He managed to drive it home though...

All the good parts were stripped and stored, the body sent to the crushers. The engine sits, to this day, under a tarp in a backyard in the northern suburbs Perth waiting for the time when it shall be kicked into life again.

The kid has been eyeing off Datsun 1200 utes (overpriced rust buckets mostly if you ask me - cute though) or maybe all the 'nice' bits will be transplanted into another 120Y or similar. I'll leave it up to him; no point in being a control freak it's not good for you or them.

So what did he tell you, about the crash?

"I was turning left in the wet, lost control and ended up hitting a wall front first then bouncing the back into the wall."

I leave the "translation" of that up to you fellow reader ;)