JAW's 150Y: Wheels

Here's a list of known wheel combinations:

I finally with 3 bald tyres decided to actually *buy* some *new* tyres. I hadn't done that in ages. But seeing as I was running 13"s on front and 14"s on back I decided it was time for new rims too - better make that mags ;)

I bought 5 Datsun 200B SX factory mags (14" x 6")for the low price of AUD$100 from a guy out of the paper. They were pretty corroded, and I decided to polish them. Note: never polish rims. this is the second time I've done it, I must have forgotten how stupidly time consuming it is.

Anyway, decked out with the cheapest Kmart 185 60 series tyres they don't look half bad.

Sticks to the road a little better too ;)

Original JAW, 22 Mar 1999