JAW's BF Falcon: Key Remote

Your Ford Falcon remote buttons were getting harder to press?

First you bought a new CR2032 battery, but that didn't do much. Next you wore through the rubbery buttons, but discovered that you can buy a new shell from ebay. That helped, but not for long. Finally, you came to terms that it was those little surface mount microswitches on the circuit board that just don't work properly anymore and you were just about to give up and never lock your car again...and then you found this!

Good news, I have two solutions.

First, take battery out and squirt isopropyl alcohol on the switch (metho will do if that's all you have), get it on top, through the sides, all through it. You've got nothing to lose. Press the switch over and over, wipe with a rag, repeat. Keep going. You will find that the switch will get clickier again, I even had one that some blue corrosion goop came out. You'll find they clean up well.

Put it back together and if you are lucky, it will work like new! One of my remotes did, the other one not quite as well. If this didn't work for you, the next step is to replace the microswitch.

Find on ebay the microswitch, you'll be pleased to know they are cheap and easily found. Look for little metal ones, you want the 5mm ones not 4mm ones. The 1.5mm height ones are about right, the 2.5mm might be in fact better? I haven't tried.

Basically they are a waterproof 4 pin surface mount momentary switch. Unsolder your old one, solder on the new one. You'll need a fine soldering iron, a steady hand and a magnifying lens. Or young eyes. Again, what have you got to lose?

Good luck out there!