4Runner saggy rear end

Notorious in 4runners are saggy rear ends thanks largely to factory springs that lose their tension quickly, but also because of the "cut" of the rear guards. Have a look at one with the correct ride height sometime and you'll see the front guards are by design cut higher than the back which only add to that "driving to the moon" look.

So what can you do?

A few options:


Before and after shots. Quite a difference

Looking at the before photo you can see the ole '87 had a serious case of the sags. Somebody had tried the air shock solution and the air shocks were stuffed as well - from spending there time being pumped up trying to hold the truck higher off the deck. Only one answer, new springs.

Pedders make aftermarket springs, $AUD220 a side. Throw in new nolathane bushes and you've just spent $AUD500 on parts. C'mon, it's not that bad.

But you want to install them yourself? Don't do it! It's only $80 for a professional to do it! Life is short! Now we've gotten that out of the way, this is how I installed mine... ;)


Stock spring versus pedders spring. Note the one thick standard leaf is replaced by two not-as-thick leaves on the pedders version. Oh yeah, the black one is the new one. well duh.

You are pretty much done. Get it off the jack/stands and be amazed at the height difference. I saw about 4 inches at first. After a drive around the block to let it settle it dropped back down to 3-3.5 inches. Felt much better but looked like a randy tomcat!

You aren't supposed to wind the front up too much as excessive angle on the CVs can wear them out real quick. I pulled the front up about 10-15mm more just to even her up a bit. Have a look at the gap better the upper control arm upper bumpstop and the lower control arm lower bumpstop. Factory setting is equi-distant. A little extra isn't going to hurt but you have been warned...