JAW's 150Y

This particular 120Y coupe came from my mate that I sold the Monaro 'left-overs' to, kind of a swap, in 1996. I planned to have a cheap runner that I wouldn't play around with or spend money on. I was wrong ;)

I drove it around for about a year until a piston let go. I figured a rebuild would be *really* boring, and that's pretty much where it all began...

How the 120Y looked when I started

Update March 2000: The 120Y moved to a new home - I've given it to my little brother in law, who got his licence. He had to replace the gearbox (which he got stuck in 3rd while L-plating in it) but she's back on the road still scaring little old ladies and medium sized dogs :)

Update September 2000: Wrecked! Was too much power for him. Follow the menu link...

150Y starting to look a little meaner. But what were they thinking when they designed that rear end?