JAW's 150Y: Distributor mix ups for the better.

When you think about it, why would Nissan/Datsun retool up just to make another distributor for another engine? Well I figured they probably wouldn't, and a lot of what I did to the 120Y is based on that principle.

N12 and A15 distributors.
N12 and A15 distributors side by side.

Here is a distributor out of a pulsar, N12 model. Note that the E series motors are pretty much the same too. All the important measurements are the same: diameter of shaft, length of shaft, offsets. So essentially an Nxx/Exx dizzy will go into an Axx motor.

So what's the point?

Pulsar distributors are electronic, readily available and cheap enough. That said, I never got around to sourcing a lectronic one yet, the one pictured here is is a contact points type. However one I held in my hand that *was* lectronic measured up exactly the same. Only prob was the wrecker wanted $120 for it, and it was a rusty old thing to boot. I passed on it.

Here's the plan:

I never did get around to doing this, but a guy in the Eastern states tells me he made it work. Excellent.

Original JAW, 17 Feb 1999