Project Shed: Little known facts


Shed Stereo

The shed stereo was put in by JAW and Stewie Darbs one very rainy day in 1997. It consists of some EA ford fairlane speakers and tweeters mounted in MDF in two corners and connects back to JAWs first ever boom-box stereo he got for his 13th birthday. It is permanently tuned to 94.5MHz on the FM band and is suprisingly capable of excellent sound reproduction and amplification.


Shed Warning notice

Sign on shed door, very appropriate. "Provided" from a mining site up north - no, wasn't in use at the time - the word 'ENGINEER' changed from 'EQUIPMENT' ;)


Shed Doorstop

The shed doorstop consists of 2 mag wheels and has been in use since 1996. The bottom mag is a cheviot hotwire 14x8 holden stud pattern, found in the back of the HG ute donor car I purchased for the torana engine. The top mag is a 13x5 ford cortina TE factory mag; I souveniered it from the boot of the corty before selling it. Gus, one of our cats, enjoyed a great deal of his life sleeping in them.


Shed Computer

The Shed Computer consists of left over parts from numerous upgrades, and represents the "bottom of the list". That is, at the top of the list is my PC as the most recent upgrade. Then comes Wifeys PC which is all the parts from my PC after an upgrade. Wifeys PC left overs then filter into the MAME Arcade PC, and finally those left overs find their way into the The Shed Computer. It is mostly used for PIC programming and doesn't get turned on much. Oh but yes, the rumours are true, the Shed Computer has a permanent internet connection :)