4Runner Steering Stabiliser

Wifey reports that the steering pulls hard when it hits sandy ruts, so I replaced the front steering stabilizer. Bought a rancho 5000 (all the 4Runners I found on the internet seemed to go that way).

Be careful! Mine did not just bolt up - although apparently it does to a solid axle front end 4Runner (pre '86). Using a longer bolt it can be made to fit tough enough, but a wee bit dodgy because it interferes with the full lock left stop at the steering arm.

How'd does it perform? Well by all reports it should not make any difference as the power steering typically absorbs shocks. It should only have taken some of the strain off the steering box. However we found that it makes a noticible difference we highly recommended it; especially if your old stabiliser is stuffed and your power steering box is not quite brand new anymore.

Note the old tiny stabiliser went between the two mounting tabs, whereas the Rancho would only fit underneath.