JAW's Miscellaneous Anecdotes and Other Interesting Stuff - What's New

13th May 2023 Added notes about putting LEDs into falcon headlights and wrote up the report for the faux fireplace. Added second fix details for falcon indicator stalk.
5th Feb 2023 Wrote about replacing the high pressure hose for the power steering in the Falcon.
29th Jan 2023 Wrote about the crashed Lancer!
22nd Jan 2023 Wrote about putting a new stereo in the Falcon.
10th Jan 2022 Wrote about drive centre bearing on the Falcon.
24th Jan 2021 Wrote about more starting issues with the Falcon.
25th Oct 2020 Surprise tax table update!
13th Sep 2020 Since I now have a CH Lancer, and started doing stuff to it, I wrote about it.
4th Aug 2020 Wrote about fixing Falcon key remote fob.
13th Mar 2020 Wrote about changing the Falcon headlight bulb.
7th Dec 2019 Wrote about replacing the start motor in the Falcon.
28th Jul 2019 Rashly replaced the sacrificial anodes in my hot water system, glad I did. Here's the lowdown, I suggest you take this on yourself.
23rd Apr 2019 Replaced bearings in a roof ventilator so of course I had to update the page.
22nd Apr 2019 Described experience with home network and getting NBN.
2nd Feb 2019 Built a Hackintosh. Decided to write about it, was going to put it on the webpage from the group that described the build, but why there and not here?
20th Jan 2019 Wrote another article about cornice.
19th Jan 2019 Edited arcade machine with an update, man, that project is forever changing. Arcade machine.
4th Jan 2019 Wrote about the Falcon bonnet release cable.
29th Jun 2018 Wrote about motor brushes.
2nd Nov 2016 Wrote a car fixit article Falcon Headlight Indicator Stalk fix.
1st Oct 2016 Another tax table update, mid financial year! Crazy!
20th Jun 2016 Tax table updates, same as last year. Finally made the previous year links an include.
18th May 2016 Got the first few articles in for Energy which will cover all my thoughts and projects dealing with energy.
20th Feb 2016 With my mind still in web page writing mode, knocked up Pemberton kitchen page. Epic. I ran out of steam towards the end, might have to revist it. The last part of the story all happened a bit fast and it reads like it.
19th Feb 2016 Must try to write at least one page a month, I do have a backlog to process. Next page is Falcon Spark Plugs.
8th Feb 2016 Created the Project Pemberton bathroom page.
7th Feb 2016 Biggest update since 2002 - every web page has been updated to be "responsive", which means that it responds nicely if it is on a mobile phone, a tablet, or a desktop. Additionally, I have packed up from being a subdomain of iinet and moved to my own domain, "jaws.tips". The .tips is newish, circa 2004, so there were plenty of options, I could have gone with jaw.tips, but jaws.tips reads a bit better. Maybe I will grab both and point one to the other.
As I went I updated the content of various pages as I noticed them, but that was not my main focus. The calculators are my most popular pages so I made sure they are good. The old subdomain now has a permanent redirect (301) to the new domain, you do this in the .htaccess file. Hopefully google sees this and updates my page rankings accordingly. It would be terrible to lose my page rankings, I'm hoping however after this change my pages and domain are google friendly and this will improve my page rankings. Because I can, because I still enjoy website development and because google are still paying me for it ;-)
31st Jan 2016 Yes, I have been updating minor things from time to time, but nothing major. Now however, with a bit of time on my hands between contracts, I thought it would be a good opportunity to do some meaty stuff. I had moved all the Project Pemberton pages to their own domain, as a test, on dreamhost. For a while I've wanted to stop being a sub-domain of iinet, so packaging up just the Pemberton pages and moving them their is a good starting test. Because I also want to update all my pages for better image support - as in, click on an image and get a nice zoom in version. All the original pages had low res images; that was what the web was in the early days over a modem. Later, I started putting in higher res images, but showing them scaled down on the main page, and then if you clicked on them they would crudely display as a weblink. Times have changed. I'm am changing over to the jQuery "Featherlight" which is a cut down version of Lightbox which handles images very nicely. Additionally, I am pushing back to responsive web design. As in, my original late 90's pages were all responsive, and it was the direction the web headed that forced me, grudgingly, to de-responsive my pages. Now with mobile devices and sorts, responsive web design is important. I initially looked at using a cut down Boilerplate template, but I just couldn't make it fit what I wanted. So I used some of its tricks and applied them to my css. And it came together nicely. Good fun, I learned a lot. And there are so many tools to emulate what it will look like on different devices so it's not too hard. I made a three step process - for very small devices text and pictures are on top of each other, menu is at the bottom. For tablet sizes, text and pictures are wrapped together but the menu is still at the bottom For desktop, it is just as normal. I've stuck to roughly the same proportions as I've always had, I wouldn't trust a browser to do anything sensible for a 2000+ pixel wide rendering... For starters, it's just on Project Pemberton. I'm also making the first sentence or two summarise what the page is about better for google search. And making some more Pemberton pages. Now that the house is sold, I can actually finish the entire website and it will be a complete, standalone website. Maybe somebody will buy it off me for a million dollars one day :-)
30th Jul 2013 Created "rank" for the fingerstyle database. The formula is thumbs * 45 / days in list. This gave a rough out of 10 number, but the number can go over 10. I'd been aware for a while the limitation of thumbs - the longer in the list, the more thumbs - so this helps to spread the field more fairly. Hopefully Daniel will be satisfied with that :)
19th Jun 2013 Wrote a story about changing a belt idler on the Commodore.
3rd Jan 2013 Finished resurrecting the motorbike pages from the Crusty Quinns pages. Yeah, they are old and hacky and low res pages, but they go right back to when I first started making technical pages!
23rd Dec 2012 Everyone in Perth should have roof ventilators installed, here is how I do it.
11th Oct 2012 All the motorbike stuff of old has been removed from CQ, I have started ressurecting it back here. I haven't done them all yet, but will get around to it - there is a lot of formatting to be done! Motorbike
1st Jul 2012 Didn't even make one day into the new financial year before two people contacted me asking me to update the tax calc for the new thresholds :)
18th Jan 2012 Added a story about LED down lights. Ah Christmas 2011 holidays, so much time spent in the roofspace.
9th Dec 2011 Added a story about changing brake pads on the berlina. Have changed brake pads many times, never took a moment to describe it. Now I have!
15th Nov 2011 "Content" ads. Increasing my selloutity. Most projects, stuff and cars have an embedded ad in the content. Right up front, first thing you look at. Look, my reasoning goes like this (for Steve, because he thinks I'm a total sellout): Stats tell me that 85% of people hitting my site spend about 10seconds here, leave, never to return. Basically they got here via a search, it wasn't quite what they wanted, so they left. If the first thing they saw was the advert, and clicked on it because that was more like what they were after, well, it's win-win, right? They weren't going to look at my content - all I have effectively done is "on-sell" my page rank. Okay, and perhaps some of my "fine standing as an ad-free site." :) But anyway, I started on the falcon page, there is a few things to write about in the future, I just needed a placeholder :)
18th Oct 2011 A suite of updates - a bicycle anecdote, a chook tractor anecdote and an update to the tax calc for the flood levy
30th Jun 2011 So much guestbook spam recently, gah! Dusted off my rusty perl skills and came up with a very simple solution. Four shapes. Index page shows one at random, put there when the thumbnails are updated. Guestbook person must state how many sides the shape has. Very simple, let's see how it goes. If it turns out that someone can be bothered writing an override (!?!) for it, I'll add more stuff, like those stupid word things everyone else does. I hope it doesn't come to that. index page. Oh - and added the google +1 to all the pages. No idea what that will bring, but google just started it, let's see what happens!
26th May 2011 Added the story about the Pembee dam.
4th May 2011 Actually added some content! Steve will be amazed! :) How to make a stick gun.
3rd Apr 2011 Yes, Ads. "It's full of ads!" After being quite surprised by the revenue raised from my sponsor, I started an Adsense account with Google, and pasted some ads onto my template. Steve will raise an eyebrow, but he can discuss with me how much advertising on the internet is worth. More than you'd think. Enough to sell out. At the same time though, they are targetted googley ads so shouldn't be absolutely hideous (and I ticked all the boxes that said no ads for pharm, pr0n, dating, blah blah) - and I feel more inspired to write content knowing that it might actually pay for itself! Who knows, perhaps one day I could give up Gingerbeering and just work on the da internet :)
11th Feb 2011 I was approached by a mortgage broking company to add an advertising banner to the tax and repayment calcs; after a bit of discussion made good with an offer of $$$, I now have a "sponsor". I am bound to get a few "sell out!" calls thrown at me, but hey, after more than ten years it is nice to actually be paid for some of this! If I had another, say, 200 sponsors I could give up the day job and work on this and my other sites fulltime! :)
24th Sep 2010 Updated the make a guitar video for youtube page in light of doing some experimentation with USB guitar cables. Cleaned the article up a bit so that it is less wordy, and more of what you need!
7th July 2010 Over the past two weeks I completely reworked the tax calc. I have been increasingly dissapointed at my yearly revisions, the low income offset was yet another sliding scale across the whole board and I couldn't manage to make it work. This year I noticed NAT1004 which is an ATO white paper for people who have their own tax systems, and how to make it work, with test points. The algorithms were, let's just say "simplified", it consists of a whole bunch of y = mx + a with m and a given in bands of x - that is, a whole bunch of lines joining end to end. When you think about it, that's exactly what it looks like, it's just not very elegant.
They use a crazy "add 99c and then drop the cents for the result rule" which I didn't like, especially seeing as I used the same technique I used on the amortisation calculator; iterative maths, which likes the decimal point. So I gave up on the 99c thing, and just run the raw numbers; for the reverse lookup I seed a value and then keep halving an iteration constant, subtracting or adding to the guessed value depending on whether it was too high or too low. This is not necessarily the fastest way to hone in on an answer, but CPU cycles are cheap and by gee it is an easy thing to do.
I left it up for two weeks with a disclaimer asking for feedback, got none, assumed it's all good, disclaimer removed, we are back in business! tax Calc.
9th Apr 2010 I'm still around, just not active. But I've had a couple of 4runner questions, which is funny seeing as I sold it a few months ago, so I put them on the 4runner feedback page.
7th Sep 2009 Been otherwise distracted, but here is an update on the solar guitar amp. Okay it's a rewrite, not an update, but I left the old page as a link. I've been meaning to do this article for a long while, finally Steve pushed me over the edge - apart from people downloading my tabs I think he is the only person who reads this stuff ;)
18th Nov 2008 Hilux universal joint review. Sometimes, when you have to do something, you may as well take photos and write about it.
9th Oct 2008 Wrote up a story about putting a new motor on the mower. That should keep Steve a bit happier that I'm still active here. The reality is that I'm doing less blokey projects these days so I've got nothing much to write about - I'm spending my time with the family and any spare time playing the guitar. But, yep, I still do the occasional crazy but blokey project like this one.
1st Jun 2008 Updated tax calc to new thresholds, and music page for new guitar.
24th Apr 2008 Needed another calculator so wrote a quick and dirty music key transposer.
16th Feb 2008 Someone asked me a very good question about compound interest...so I decided to get my brain working and tarted up the interest calculator so that not only will it work out compound interest for a fixed principal over a term, but also for regular contributions along the way. The code is no longer a simple mathmatical equation, it actuallys runs the numbers like you'd do a compound interest calculation in excel. It's pretty simple really, Steve will give it the nod. Interestingly I compared it to other calculators on the web that do something similar and I reckon they've all got theirs wrong! For example, lets say you have a principal of 100$, interest rate 10%, yearly additional payment of $100, interest calculated yearly. On day 1, it is $100. On day 365 you get your 10% on that $100 ie $10, and on the same day you chuck in another $100...so the result is $210. All the other calculators I came across gave an answer of $220 - ie, they gave you interest on the second $100 even though it hadn't been in there for the year! If I ever find a bank that does that, I will put 10c in there on day 1 and then put in $100,000 on day 365 ;)
18th Oct 2007 Updated 4runner idler arm - after 7 years of service I replaced it.
15th Oct 2007 Wrote up my injector pump anecdote - a lesson to everyone to fault find through the simple things first...
8th Oct 2007 Linear calculator - I was sitting on a remote site and had just connected an instruments 4-20mA signal into a PLC and needed to specify the scaling. I searched for any documentation, none to be found. Okay, lets get two data points...50% is 19.734mA, ..., 40% is 16.123mA. Okay what's the scaling? Argh, how many times have you done this?! So I write down the equation for a line y=mx+a, solve m and a using the 2 data sets I have, plug the numbers into the equation...hmm, got something wrong there, start again...that's better. Well, no more! I have knocked up an easy calculator so I won't have to work it all out again from first principles. I hope it helps you out too! ;)
4th Jul 2007 It's been more than 10 years but I finally added a donate option. Of course this stuff has always been free and will keep being free, but there is maybe 1 person out there who really wants to give me a few dollars. Not expecting anything ever, who knows though, if the world starts throwing cash at me I could chuck in the day job and do this stuff fulltime instead! ;)
27th Jun 2007 Tidied up the interconnection between my music and my tabs. There was overlap and I was writing 'dotes about each video which I won't maintain. Adding a new entry into a table; yep, I will maintain, but writing a little story about it, nah, won't get maintained. Already I see that the tab page has the most number of hits on the site, even more than all those accountants who use my tax calculators. There is no doubt Youtube is a big, strange and wonderful place.
26th Jun 2007 Formalised my tabs into a web page list; it means I have to maintain it but I'm interested to see how many people are stopping by.
22nd Jun 2007 New tax calc up, this is a first, even before the new levels have kicked in! Tax Calc 2007-2008.
26th May 2007 Wrote up how I create guitar videos for youtube. Not yet proof read so feel free to check it for me...
2nd May 2007 In true JAW style, have a story about a microwave oven I dissected, with running commentary. Just for Steve :)
27th Apr 2007 The Kid told me how to reset the T-belt light on the 4runner dash - it is the same as his landcruisers. A wiley old diesel mechanic told him how to do it a year or two ago. Strangely enough that information is not readily available but now it is - right here!. I had even asked Rog and Bas, years ago, neither of them knew how to do it. So obvious when someone tells you ;)
21st Mar 2007 Updated the music page with my latest offerings on youtube.
14th Mar 2007 Al Collins from Pilbara TAFE Karratha gave me some good tips on the cable calc so I updated it. More possibly to come, he seemed pretty keen to develop it for his students.
1st Mar 2007 Wrote a few updates on the shed goings on, decided that the current system was pretty lame so create a new subproject, "shed", and moved all the shed related pages underneath. Sadly most of the existing pages had beyond 10,000 hits and in accordance with established JAW web page protocol they will be reset and Google will have to refind them. I placed a link on the old pages to the new ones in the meantime.
22nd Feb 2007 Wrote a story about putting big wheels on the 4runner.
15th Feb 2007 Wrote a story about some hassles with the 4runner clutch master cylinder.
17th Jan 2007 Went to a tiny bit of effort and made the pages a bit more 4.01 strict. Only ones that still have dodgy old html hangovers from the early days won't validate. Better Steve? ;)
11th Jan 2007 Wrote a story about Pembee flora. Fauna another time; need more pictures.
1st Jan 2007 Happy New Year Steve! Just to prove that I am still active here, I have put links on the music page to my youtube videos, short technical descriptions and tab where available (might also help youtube links increase ;)). I also converted transparent PNGs back to transparent GIFs (some browsers don't like the transparent PNGs so GIFs might be better - even though they aren't open source and patented by an ee-vil empire they are an old well established standard). I also changed the cable calc to 230V instead of 240V when anonymous "Bob" told me AS3000 says that is how it is supposed to be.
17th Nov 2006 Put in cookies for administative scripts. Since mentioning the log scripts, it has got a lot of hits. Decided to make it for me only. After thinking about what SBW said with regards to search engines parsing javascript/virtual includes, I figured I should put in a dodgy sitemap as well. Only linked on the intro page, in the main text body, so if a search engine only finds the first page, ignores the virtual include javascript links, then at least it will find the "sitemap" and crawl all the pages.

Unfortunately this means that there are *two* places to add new page links too. Ah well. We'll see what SBW has to say about that :)

Also cut'n'pasted the unlinked "Waddell.html" file into rant where it belongs. Heh, "are you related to..?" You know I still get it to this day.
15th Nov 2006 Finally, back to usual! Wrote a story about Pembee electricals and a story about plastering Pembee>. Hopefully I'm finished with site look/feel/layout and I can stick to the content - stories and anecdotes!
9th Nov 2006 Little tweaks here and there. Rewrote some of the logging code to use binary files instead of text files. The resulting file is ugly to look at, but about 1/3 the size for the same number of records. Seeing as I don't have a link to it in the system, have a sneaky logview.cgi here.
4th Nov 2006 Right, site is now fully updated to new look. What did it include? Moved to the use of DIVs instead of tables for the layout. Much nicer look. Because DIVs have issues with vertical alignment, the pages can look bad if I let them automatically expand to the windows size. So I did something I never wanted to - I locked the page width to a fixed size. At least this way I can view the page, be happy with the DIV wrapping on pictures/text, and know you will always see it the way I intended.

Some pages have been turfed. I wrote some of this stuff nearly 10 years ago and it didn't have a place anymore.

Excitingly, I adopted some of Steves red hot javascript code for the menu system. Okay, so he pulled it together from various sources but as far as I'm concerned it is red hot code. I hope your browser doesn't get all antsy about running javascript.

His code enabled me to have a single menu navigation page which I now use a virtual include to the one (menu.html) file. With the use of divs it also means the menu can be at the bottom of the file - if you check the source you'll notice a section "AUTOGEN START" at the bottom which contains the virtual include and my old standard footer server-based page updater generated code.

The system that stamps the autogen footer information has also been tweaked - it does page cleaning as well, things like standardising the HEAD section and anything else useful I thought of.

Oh yeah, virtual server side includes are supposedly only for shtml, but I tried it and the server supports it even though this is only html. Hence I used it!

Anyway, that is enough, I can get back to the important part now - writing content. If you see something crappy, broken or incompatible with your system, use the guestbook on the front and let me know.

...by the way, Steve is www.rumblemotorsport.com where you can see his navigation system I pinched (and made better of course, Steve ;))

2nd Nov 2006 Fair bit going on with the layout. Some stuff may be broken. I'll get to it SBW :)
24th Oct 2006 Converted all of "stuff" to the new format. Converted all of the misc cars to the new format. Turfed the music section in favour of a single webpage in stuff. A few pages I fleshed out more details, if you are looking for something to read check out new music blurb and the torry banana.
20th Oct 2006 Corrected some stuff on the 4runner page (since switching to fixed content area) and converted all the 150Y pages. Nearly done!
23rd Sep 2006 Updated the Wireless page.
1st Aug 2006 Finally added the Cable Selection Calculator. It used to be in an excel spreadsheet created by Todd, but I kept losing it.
20th July 2006 Added another rant.
9th Jun 2006 Added a rant.
18th May 2006 Added the new tax brackets to the Oz Tax Calc - well, this years one stays as is, next years is added ;) Also added 4runner seats story.
11th May 2006 Added 4runner timing belt story.
5th May 2006 Finished converted 4Runner pages to the "new look", added a new section on the front diff seal. Quite a number of teensy changes overall, too many to bother listing.
21st Apr 2006 Fixed the guestbook, yet again. Will it ever stay working?
12th Dec 2005 Third instalment of Pembee plumbing efforts, House Plumbing. You have now exhausted my "knowledge" of plumbing ;)
27th Nov 2005 Added two new stereoscopic photos. Stereoscopic vision on a computer screen is cool! ;)
4th Nov 2005 Second instalment of Pembee plumbing efforts, Water Tank.
3rd Nov 2005 First instalment of Pembee plumbing efforts, House Drainage.
20th Oct 2005 Wireless page initiated since I updated my status on nodedb to "testing". Just in case there is someone nearby who wants to hook up.
4th Sep 2005 Heh, CD player in the Berlina.
5th Jul 2005 Got in early this year and updated The Tax Calc.
25th Jun 2005 Added stuff about the old Laser and stuff about the new Berlina partially because some unknown keeps hassling me on the guestbook.
29th Apr 2005 Added the 4runner Gearbox Drama story.
28th Nov 2004 Wrote some Javascript for a Amortisation Calculator. Anyone would think I had just taken out a loan...
25th Sep 2004 Put up the Cubby story
20th Jul 2004 Added heaps more Project Pembee stuff, still more to come!
3rd Jun 2004 Crusty Quinns has been fully transferred to www.crustyquinns.com - very cool, hosted by Westnet and organised by one of the CQ'ers (Moses) who works there, at no charge. Schweet!
21st Feb 2004 After a few long night shifts with not a lot going on in the Sunny Land of Hed, I added Info about the 4runner front hubs, a CQ gasket tech tip, finally wrote up the solar amp story, added another fact to the shed page and had another perl hack to keep my skills in check by making the thumbnails change everytime you reload the main index page.
30nd Dec 2003 Added Project Pembee: Shire Approval and Project Pembee: Block Clear to the Pembee Project. How good is that?
22nd Nov 2003 Added Impossible Triangle page. On request. Been meaning to do it for ages. There are a couple of other drawing pages I should do sometime as well.
20th Nov 2003 Added the Rantings and Ravings page. I have had a pile of these lying around, most lost, thought I should get a "vent" page online.
13th Nov 2003 Updated Cats page. Gus died quite a while ago, and the cats page is currently the second most hit page. Best keep my audience updated hey.
3rd Aug 2003 Added more to the Project: Pembee story. Follow the links for Offer and House:What?
14th Jun 2003 Began the great Project: Pembee story. Perhaps the ultimate project ever!
14th Jun 2003 Some info on some plastic welding work I did for Crusty Quinns.
1st Mar 2003 Wrote a story about some cornice work I did. I've got another 5 or so stories with the pictures ready to go, it is all just a matter of finding the time isn't it?
3rd Jan 2003 Wrote a story about Easyouts for Crusty Quinns.
29th Dec 2002 More trail reports added. I'm not going to update this for trail reports anymore. Fixed the Crusty Quinns videos it seems cygnus.uwa.edu.au insist on me still having web space. I'll be using it for big files but note it is a kinda slow server.
3rd Dec 2002 Crusty Quinns Trail report for Dec 1st. added.
22nd Nov 2002 Crusty Quinns Trail report for Nov 17th. added.
29th Oct 2002 Added a Crusty Quinns Tech Tip Template, specifically for Rob who was keen on writing a tech tip for Crusty Quinns. Notice also that iinet stuffed up their counters and all have been reset back to zero. Oh well, whats in a count huh - it's statistics that matters. Noticed for the first time that jaw.iinet.net.au got more than 600 hits in one day, and they weren't all me either ;)
28th Oct 2002 Crusty Quinns Trail report for Oct 27th. added.
15th Sep 2002 Crusty Quinns Trail report for Sep 15th added.
25th Aug 2002 Crusty Quinns Trail report for Aug 25th added.
11th Aug 2002 Crusty Quinns Trail report for Aug 11th added.
7th July 2002 Crusty Quinns Trail report for July 7th added.
5th July 2002 Welcome to iinet. Why, after all these years? cygnus, my old UNI server was a good and faithful spot but after discussions with them there was no plan for ADSL. ADSL was now available in my suburb and of course, I had to have it. Bottom line is that I picked up all my toys and moved here to iinet. There were _significant_ Perl script changes (man I was rusty) and some other enhancements, too many to list. If you find something I missed, good on you ;)
22th Jun 2002 Trail report for June 22nd added.
7th Jun 2002 Wrote a Crusty Quinns CDI story.
19th May 2002 Went to some length to write a Crusty Quinns story about my XR reringing job. It's a big page, be patient...
13th May 2002 A bit of re-arranging. Shed section is scrapped, some stuff moved to projects some moved to stuff. Why? Because for some reason the /projects directory gets heaps more hits than the shed section. Publicise! Publicise! ;)

In addition, all the old "moved to" links (eg /jaw/pooltable/welcome) have been removed. This is legacy before I categorised stuff - they used to point a link to the new location. The search engines have had long enough now, time to move on. (except /arcade which still gets at least 500 hits per month. Who links to that? perhaps I should send a link update to them...) Sorry to get you excited about nothing Speedup ;)
20th Feb 2002 Finally did the Fence report.
4th Feb 2002 Crusty Quinns Trail report for February 3rd added. Mucked around with the Crusty Quinns Video page - no more streaming stuff, too yukky for my modem brothers.
28th Jan 2002 Crusty Quinns Trail report for January 27th added, Meet Results reset for 2002.
21st Jan 2002 Crusty Quinns Trail report for January 20th added.
6th Jan 2002 Crusty Quinns Trail report for January 6th added. In addition, modified my existing messageboard to suit a new Crusty Quinns messageboard; it's better than group emails. Follow the link on the Crusty Quinns menu to get there.
4th Jan 2002 I had wondered why I hadn't received many messages and discovered the feedback form was broken. Fixed. I really must stop breaking that. Where were you SBW?
2nd Jan 2002 Sat down and made the complete map of Crusty Quinns trailbiking area. It comes from the free service Land Online and is used without permission so if you think it shouldn't be here email me. An interesting "challenge" extracting the data from the site, took _many_ hours of cut'n'pasting together a big picture and then chopping it back up into 100 average sized 33kb progressive scanned "plates" that joined as a table make the full image. With any luck this means that the page does a quick first pass lo-res scan and then slowly builds its hi-res scan.
22nd Dec 2001 Crusty Quinns Trail report for December 22nd added.
12th Dec 2001 Wrote up a story about my Crusty Quinns XR exciter rewind efforts
7th Dec 2001 Tried my hand at posting some streaming video. The first video posted was well suited to low bandwidth streaming as it is mostly stationary. Some other test videos revealed that the 45kbps (which is a little bit too much for a 56kbps modem anyhow) just isn't enough. As I find clips that are suitable for low bandwidth streaming I'll post them. Oh - they are of course Crusty Quinns video footage ;)
25th Nov 2001 After _a lot_ of mucking around the site is fully de-framed. Let me know if you find something out of whack, thanks - I also made some changes to my style sheet which may have had further reaching consequences than I expected.
20th Nov 2001 Here's the (alledged) tip. If you put some javascript that redirects your pages (ie my frameset menu "corrector") then it would seem search engines think you are trying to spam their index and black ban you. With much anguish and gnashing of teeth I am in the process of transferring everything back to single frame html. Only CAR section done so far. I will get around the whole index changing across a zillion pages by making a little perl script that "corrects" all HTML files in a subdirectory with the index portion from the welcome.html file - thus a single point of modification only. Not nice, but effective, and maybe I will get back into some search engines again...
10th Nov 2001 Crusty Quinns Trail report for November 9th added.
8th Nov 2001 Crusty Quinns Wolfie's history added and a tiny bit of rework on the arcade machine page
1st Nov 2001 Shed bench story finished.
21st Oct 2001 Crusty Quinns Trail report for October 21st added.
10th Oct 2001 Crusty Quinns Ballard Teardown story finally completed. Gets a bit rushed at the end, sorry all. Sometimes you just have to get these things out.
30th Sep 2001 Crusty Quinns Trail report for September 30th added.
26th Sep 2001 I've added a quarterly option for the Tax Calculator. Quarterly is how I calculate my tax for the BAS and I'm sick of multiplying by 4 and using the annual field. In addtion, I see hits on it from .gov proxy users - better make sure the government users can have a quarterly option too! Added the ATO yukky tax calc link, my numbers don't match up EXACTLY to the cent but they are within a dollar out - I reckon their algorithm is wrong, not mine ;)
21th Sep 2001 I've solved the dilemma of orphaned child frames. A bit of javascript did the trick. All hits on any page from a search engine will now spawn the correct navigation frame. Yah!
18th Sep 2001 According to the logs the pergola page is quite popular. Popped on some new pictures and added some more remarks, never let it be said that "I am not there for my public" ;)
17th Sep 2001 Finally put the shed shelves story to bed.
11th Sep 2001 More tweaks to the Statistics logging. The very cool "Show raw Log with filters" option added.
10th Sep 2001 A new main heading - programming. The single page was getting too big, and I keep writing software. Have a look, there is some new stuff there as well - including the message board.
4th Sep 2001 I'm a bit one track minded at the moment; I put together the first part of my log analysis script. Not a bad start, gives you the top x pages and users. Changing the ?tn= for more. I'll build a front end to it sometime.
3rd Sep 2001 Well it was bugging me so I rationalised my logging code into a relational database style of operation.

Now I just need to build a front end so that you can look at user surfing profiles. There will be many, many interesting statistics that I will be able to pull from the log...
30rd Aug 2001 I've gone all big brother. With my new found perl abilities I've created a means of tracking YOU through my site! Well not really, but I can find your IP, the server you are going through and a few other bits.
27rd Aug 2001 Wrote a story about Crusty Quinns motorbike gearboxes. It's not bad if I do say so myself.
25rd Aug 2001 Stage three of the XR pulldown Crusty Quinns done & documented. Brad's player info has some history added. Perl Story written about my Perl programs. Started putting links on this page. Seems like the right thing to do.
23rd Aug 2001 Published Wolfie's tech tips - Suspension basics part 1.
23rd Aug 2001 I coded up a perl search engine in an effort to better understand perl. There are a few known bugs, but it's pretty cool. You will be pleased (and not suprised) to know it is all original work. I'll fix the last bugs and write a report about it in due course :)
21th Aug 2001 Stage two of the XR pulldown done & documented.
18th Aug 2001 Stage one of the XR pulldown done & documented. See Crusty Quinns -> techtips -> XR600 GEARS?.
12th Aug 2001 Added the tech tips section to Crusty Quinns. Wrote up the first part of the gear selector problem on the Ballard.
9th Aug 2001 Updated some more pages with the new "standard". Decided that some if not most of the sub-menus should automatically display the intro page. Did one or two - more to come. I've actually got quite a lot of words on this site ;)
4th Aug 2001 Right. Sweeping change of look/feel for navigation system. The whole site has adopted my CQ style of navigation. It is similar to windows explorer not because I'm a microsoft lover, but because it is "universally accepted", easy to use (if not clunky) yet infinitey scalable. Expect no broken links, but I now have to update all pages in the system to my new normal.css standard (amongst other things is Verdana-font-only). Some may still look old-style. I'm on it...
16th July 2001 Trail report for 15th July added.
5th July 2001 Some general cleanup and removal of old "redundant" material. Perhaps an even bigger overhaul coming soon.
4th July 2001 Created the video section and moved the making of Crusty Quinns 1 into it.
17th Jun 2001 Trail report for 17th June added.
8th Jun 2001 Discovered that web space has gone from 10Mb to 25Mb so upgraded the Music section and posted Sub 2 Minute Club.mp3 on music page. Yep, if I have 25Mb I *will* use it ;)
5th Jun 2001 Wrote a story about doing floors and skirting boards.
1st Jun 2001 Trail report for May 26th-27th added.
19th May 2001 Trail report for May 19th added.
18th Apr 2001 _Another_ overhaul of the Crusty Quinns section. Player section more flexible and all motorbike stuff now available from there only. Still a bit to do on it but it's okay for release now.
17th Apr 2001 Trail report for Apr 16th added.
27th Mar 2001 Trail report for Mar 25th added.
17th Mar 2001 Added leaf spring story to 4runner page.
25th Feb 2001 Trail report for Feb 25th added.
6th Feb 2001 Added "Crusty Quinns:the making of" - see trail reports section.
27th Jan 2001 Fairly big overhaul of trailreport section: standardisation of HTML templates, some big jpgs saved in lower resolution to conserve server space and speedup page display on slower links. Implemented frames for main welcome page - sorry guys it was getting too messy to continue with the same look.
27th Jan 2001 Trail report for Jan 26th added.
7th Jan 2001 Trail report for Jan 7th added.
1st Jan 2001 Trail report for Dec 30th added.
3rd Dec 2000 Trail report for Dec 3rd added.
14th Nov 2000 Added Oz Tax Calculator
14th Nov 2000 Added Compound Interest Calculator
4th Nov 2000 Added Solar Shed page.
4th Nov 2000 Added Shed facts page.
4th Nov 2000 Started Shed page. Should keep me busy for years.
4th Nov 2000 Added more pictures to pool table page.
31st Oct 2000 Under pressure from Speedub, scrapped "last updated" stamps which I rarely maintained and introduced this What's New section - seeing as he is the only person who reads this stuff.
30th Oct 2000 Trail report for Oct 29th added.
30th Oct 2000 Modified the trail report opening page to include small pic and some blurb on each player.
28th Oct 2000 Some bloke in the US was interested in the pool table so wrote some words on the subject.
??? ...long time passed without updates, stuff all over the place, changing between layouts and formats, learning about html and perl and javascript, buying a digital camera, etc etc...
sometime 1996 Began JAW's MA&OIS.