JAW's 150Y: Drag Racing, putting it all to the paving.

Wanneroo Raceway is pretty close to where I live. During the summer months the local cops enjoy putting on a 1/8 mile "street drag" night once a month. Well I put the 120Y in it :)

Plenty of fun had by all, racing in street form must be muffled. Lost narrowly to my neighbour in his excel (I'm calling it a bad start by me, I'll get him next time) whopped an L200 ute and suprisingly was only beaten by a car length by a guy in his 12A series 2 rx7.

Most importantly I had a go in the burnout comp. A brave move. They 120Y was always going to smoke easily in first on the back right, but to a crowd that had been watching big V8s going hard on the LSD donuts it was not going to be enough...

I tried straight for second gear. No way. I had a big 14" on the back and no line locker. So I let it go for a while in first to heat the tyre up and then valve bounced my way into second again. Nope. Had to stop and start again.

Starting to sweat about then, one guy had already been booed off.

Finally went first to second and the engine started to die...then picked up as I eased the brake to the right spot. I managed about 20-30 seconds in second gear pulling about 4500rpm and got plenty of smoke, well plenty for a 120Y :)

After a small bang and some sparks they flagged me off, a big chunk of steel belt had let go. Scratched to paint but I'm calling it a battle scar.

Excellent fun. Give it a try - I was actually suprised that I didn't hear even a single "get it off" but rather plenty of "Go the Datto!" instead. Did someone say there was a crowd of about 2000 people?

Givin' her heaps...

Yep that is a 185/75 14" bit big-for-a-120Y tyre :)