Project Shed

Aussie Blokes need sheds, it's a simple fact of life. Stuff happens in sheds. Some stuff that needs to happen, some stuff that is made to happen and other stuff just pops up and happens anyway.

If you don't have a shed, you need one, you just don't realise it yet. A bloke without a shed is missing a vital part of life. Get up out of your chair, turn the computer off and get a shed.

Shed, n. a rough structure or lean-to built for shelter, storage etc.

A long, long time ago (1995) the shed was constructed, where it still stands today.

In '95 two blokes, Steve and JAW, got together and built JAWs shed. It was a conservative shed, unlike the Steve of todays shed, or the Todd farm shed, or even the little banger out the back of Miks.

The council insisted on a 10m2 maximum sized shed - but JAW pushed the envelope to a 3.4x4.1x2.1m zincalume version sourced for $AUD500(1995) from Stratco, delivered as a kit. Kit = 4 walls, one complete with a door, and enough sheets to make a roof. Leveling the ground off a bit and laying enough 2"x2" concrete slabs for a floor saw assembly start. Some tek screws and rivets later (Steve isn't the door supposed to open outwards not inwards? Yeah, better turn that wall round the other way) and it was done.

The shed was the first home improvement made to rancho relaxo after the fences and washing line were put up. It sits up against two fences right on the fence with a deflecter to stop water from racing over the fence - neighbour friendly. It is attached to the concrete slabs by nylon fasteners.

JAW was so pleased with this shed he later built another one - check it out here.