JAW's 150Y: Braking

The Stanza disks were pretty crappy when I put them on (badly scored rotors) and eventually the pads went metal to metal. It wouldn't be like me to just put new ones on of course...

I discoverd the hard way that although bluebird ones look like they should fit, they don't. Maybe a spacer (100mm or so) between the strut caliper mountup and the caliper mount itself, but I'm not into messing too much with brakes. Basically the disk rotor has the disk surface in the middle (closer to the wheel) rather than a Stanza one, which has the disk on the end of the rotor.


I found (very convieniently I might add) a bunch of legends out Lansdale way that had a shed *full* of cars they were selling bits off. I actually tested some conversions on their cars before I went home, just so I knew it would work. Yes, convienient :-)

Summary of the facts:

So yep, she pulls up pretty hard now with 200B disks and callipers. The pads were in such good nick I just installed them and haven't touched them since.

Oh and yes, this conversion cost me all of $40 ;)


Original JAW, 26 Feb 1999