JAW's 150Y: Turbo...What the?

What we have here is a 1998 Landrover discovery 2.5l diesel turbo, donated to me by my neighbour Brad.

A little turbo...

It's a brand newie 'warranty bin' item and a known working unit. Anyway Brad mentioned to me ages ago that he sees them get thrown out from time to time, so I said grab us one and I'll try to fit it to the A15.

Well as you can see its a Garrett, model T250 oil cooled. sadly it is integral manifolded, me and the boys are dreaming up schemes of mating it to the A15 head. I'm sure it's possible, but currently I'm thinking 'too hard, if you want more power just bolt up a 2 litre'. Alternatively, buy an import turbo that would be easier to bolt up!

Made by Garrett...

Original JAW, 22 Mar 1999